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First full week back at work…

Hi Friends,

As this week draws to its ending, I wanted to reflect on how it went for me, for my little ones and my hubby. This is actually the third week of being back to work, however, the first two weeks I was sick, had to attend a funeral and only started on Wednesday. So I was still spending time with my kiddies for most of the week.

Well, this week came and is finally ending… Why finally you might ask? I can honestly say it was a tough one, not as much for me, but for everyone else…

First of all my hubby. He did brilliantly, he minded our baby boys for four days this week and is only back to work today. I know it was hard, as there were signs all around the house that he struggled a bit, but in the end, he settled into a routine and I think he will be ok from now on. For someone who never had to be alone with two kids under four for more than a couple of hours, he was absolutely amazing.

My little rascals on the other hand really missed me… Matthew (6 months) started screaming every time you would put him to bed and would continue screaming until I came into the room. Then it was all smiles and he just wanted to be held. He would fall asleep in my hands but the second you put him in cot – screaming. This would continue for approximately 3 hours.

He doesn’t take a soother, only a blankie, which he pops on top of his head when he sleeps:

Matthew sleeping

But since he wanted to see me he didn’t want anything covering his face, so it was a struggle. By the end of the week he settled down and actually managed to self-sooth again and amazingly (fingers crossed he continues) has been sleeping completely through the night!!!

Another sign that he is missing was that he started to completely refuse any solids and I mean any… to the point that I thought that perhaps his throat is sore and he can’t eat. But he had injections booked for yesterday and the doctor looked him over and said he was fine.

Alexei, on the other hand, felt left out. For the first time ever he didn’t want to go to playschool (he absolutely loves it) and he asked my hubby why he wasn’t taking care of him (lol, my poor hubby…). I think that because my hubby was focusing on Matthew and getting him better, he forgot to spend some quality time with Alexei while Matthew was sleeping (something that I always made sure to do). So this weekend we are going to make sure to making plenty of fuss over him:)

Also, poor Alexei was left traumatized after Matthew’s injections. When I got home he said (nearly crying) “Mama, the doctor put holes in Matthew!!!” (lol ;D). He then proceeded to talk about red lanterns, which I nodded to but had no clue what he was talking about until my hubby explained that he was describing immune system recognising the nasties in Matthew’s body and he was using a red lantern (or rather piece of) as an example (yeap, that’s what you get when you are born in family of scientists :D).

So regardless to say, I am looking forward to going home today and spending time with my little rascals.

I, on the other hand, had a lovely week at work. I am managing to get a lot done during my work hours; Made it on time for my train every single day and am able to leave early because of it to rush home to my kids…

What about yourselves? How was your week? 

Hope you are all having a lovely day.



Samuel Beckett Bridge, Dublin




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  1. Well done on your first full week! I’ve always asked the question rhetorically about how me and my partner would manage children with jobs. No doubt from reading this it’s going to be tough 😁

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    • 🙂 It certainly is, but so rewarding too… We (my hubby and I) are the happiest we have ever been and even though it is tough on kids, with both of us or one of us being gone, at the end of the day our working will provide means to show them the world (we are planning on going to at least 1 new destination every summer holiday) and to have enough money for their future (especially education) 🙂 If there is one thing I learned already in 4 years of being a mum is that Kids are resilient and adjust very quickly:)

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