Christmas and New Year traditions

Happy New Year everyone !

Hi friends,

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all enjoyed your time off work if you had some. For us it was quite a busy one and feels like these two weeks just flew by…

This year we were very lucky in that my hubby and I both got time off for Christmas and New Year and are only going back to work on 6th of January.

Last couple of months have been crazy so getting some time to spend as a family and not having to travel anywhere is bliss. Pre-Christmas time was spent mostly shopping for presents and food and then of course the big Christmas Day prep.. anyone else feels super stressed during this season?.. I absolutely love it and look forward to it every year but I get so stressed that sometimes even wish it didn’t exist.. but that’s only because I want everything to be perfect. It also didn’t help that we ended up with food poisoning on 23rd of December and so everyone was still feeling off on Christmas Day. I didn’t really mind but most of my Christmas photos are of my hubby sleeping with kids near him 🤣

This year Alexei starred as Frosty the snowman in his school play and even had a solo that we didn’t even know about until he was doing it ☺️ (very proud mama here).

We also got to go to Wild Lights at the Dublin zoo, something that I look forward to every year and kids really enjoy. This year it was a fairy tale theme.

Santa was very good and brought kids exactly what they wanted. A trike car for my 2 year old and a telescope for my 6 year old (trying to feed his healthy interests as opposed to computer games).

Little trike

My 2 year old absolutely loved his present and since Christmas has been in his car non stop.. if he could he would eat in it 🤣

Telescope on the other hand provided some very much needed alone time between Alexei and daddy and whenever there is a clear night they are looking at what stars they can see and reading many books about space and different planets.

Of course Christmas is not the only holiday that we celebrate in this household with New Year being the main event on my side of the family and this year was no different. My parents and my sister with her partner all came to Ireland to celebrate the beginning of New 2020 year with us 😃

The week was filled with laughter and quality family time, it’s was hectic, loud with a lot of excitement… kids were surrounded by love and we all had a wonderful time.

Today it was finally time to say goodbye and we drove all of them to airport with sadness that this week is nearly finished, but at the same time with a little relief from being a little tired and looking forward to going back to our routines.

I hope you all had a lovely time.

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