Corona Virus

Last days of school…and COVID-19 update

Hi friends,

So the time has come for my eldest to finish his senior infants year and.. his old school.. It’s a bitter sweet moment. He is going to the first class in a new school and is looking forward to it. But at the same time is afraid that he will never see his friends again and because of the COVID-19 he has not seen them since March, only on Zoom calls.

Life during COVID has not been easy, we take the boys out as much as we can to walk around the estate and out on short walks in places with least amount of people. But all of that seclusion is starting to affect our kids.

My mother-in-law brought my kids on one of the days to my sister-in-law for family only birthday.. I had to work as it was midday, but she kindly drove them there and back. She said that my outgoing, always curious, bubbly, full of energy Matthew stayed close to her most of the time and was very very quiet.. looking for us.. eventually he did go and play outside but he wasn’t his happy self.

I brought my eldest son to a shop for a first time since March, of course taking all of the precautions. He is full of ideas of how we can invent scanners to detect where virus is and to isolate it. And full of scientific questions that I try to answer as well as I can to a 6 year old.. We were standing in a big queue waiting for our turn to go into Aldi, standing 2 meters away from everyone and he suddenly asked.. “Have these markings always been here? I don’t remember how we went to the shops before?” I said that no this only started when COVID came to Ireland.

Then he said “I wish it would all go back to normal, I miss everyone…”

That’s when I realized that it is not only hard for me, as I am working from home and minding them when my hubby is working, but also how hard it must be for them as well..

I am looking forward to going back to normality.. but at the same time am terrified. I can see how much my kids benefited from being with me. They are both happier, eager to learn, less tired than they were before all of this. Alexei has improved his writing and maths. And all I can be is thankful about how well Matthew is doing. He is speaking, he is learning colors and most importantly he is completely off his asthma medication and is healthy. I pray that this continues.

I, on the other hand have some really good days, on the others just feel drained, mentally exhausted..

How are all of you doing? What do you think, will this ever end?

Photo by Babyrascal

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