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Greetings from Ireland

Hi there!

Let me introduce myself. I am a mommy of two boys, Alexei is four and Matthew is 5 month old. They are two very happy and energized boys who make me see the beauty of this world through their eyes:)

I was born in Belarus but consider myself to be more of an international citizen as have lived abroad for more than a half of my life. I am now Irish through naturalization and love this country and people. I am married to an Irishman who is my best friend and soulmate.

I am a scientist by profession with a passion for writing. I have two B.A.(Hons) degrees, one in Biochem and another in Business with Project Management, I have a PhD in Biochem and a postgraduate certificate in biopharma. But all of these degrees are not as important to me as being a good mum.

I am starting this blog for any busy mamas and daddys who might have questions or need help. We all have gone to internet for help during hard moments of parenting. I know that when I first became a mum I didn’t have a clue to what I had to do, but we learn, through mistakes, trial and error and hilarious mishaps but we learn and a little bit of help from our internet friends.


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