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Review of Cuddleco Doona Group 0+ Car Seat

Hi there,

So for my second baby I went ahead and splurged on a new car seat – Cuddleco Dunno

One of the main reasons for this purchase was that now that I am on my maternity leave I have the use of our small family car, which is Toyota Yaris. Anyone that has that car and kids would know that after placing a buggy into the boot, not much space is left for anything else. So after much deliberation I decided that I would go and spend that money (350 euro) in Smyths toys and make that purchase. I have to admit knowing that my hubby would most likely be against it, I went ahead without consulting him.

Upon finding out how much it cost he was initially shocked and told me that it was a complete waste of money… Until… He actually got to use it. After that he fell in love with it and agrees that it is a godsend for the short trips to the shop, school or swimming practice. I definitely would not use it for the long walks though as it is not a buggy.

The main things that I love about it: 

1. It is so easy to install in the car. You might be worried about dirtiness of the wheels, but Cuddleco provide a seat cover with the car seat so that protects your seat. You can also purchase an isofix base for an extra 160 euro, however, we decided that the installation with the belt is so easy that there is no need for the base.

2. The seat seems to be bigger and the position of the baby is straighter and as a result my baby, who absolutely hated the car seat (we had Maxi Cosi), was happy in this one and has not complained since we started using this one.

3. The seat comes with an insert for newborn babies, that is easily removed when your baby reaches a certain weight, but the headrest to support the head can remain providing longer comfort and ease of mind for parents.

4. The seat is very maneuverable with good breaks that are easy to use. For anyone that is quite short in height it is also very nice as it is quite low down, so as my mil put it she can actually see over it!

5. It is very easy to close and open the wheels and they are very easy to lock.

6. Shoulder straps are very easy to adjust and to remove for washing.

7. Seat is airplane approved, so you can bring it on-board.

8. The handle is very easy to flip back, up and in front. It is very short upon taking the seat out of the car, but for us is handy when my 4 yo wants to help and push the buggy. It extends to a proper size with a single push of a button, which you can do one handed.

Things that I don’t really like about it:

1. The price is very expensive, compared to other brands and the additional 160 euro for isofix base makes it even more so. However, at the same time uniqueness of the product makes it worth it.

2. The shoulder straps should be a bit longer as they seem to be shorter than that of maxi cosi.

3. It does not come with a rain cover so you will need to purchase that separately and conventional covers don’t fit it.

4. It does not have a shopping basket.

5. Normal changing bags do not fit the buggy and you need to purchase any additional bags from the company.

6. The visor doesn’t protect from the sun, but you can buy an additional extension.

If you like this review and would like to see more reviews of products that are available for purchase in Ireland, leave a comment and I will do more:)

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