Birthday celebrations :)

Hi Friends,

Yesterday was my Birthday and even though I had to spend it at work it was a pretty nice day.

The Birthday celebrations started this weekend. On Saturday we went to Blanchardstown shopping center to see if we could buy a new board game for the whole family to enjoy and to see if we could buy a new snowsuit for Matthew, as the one that he has at the moment even though is long is very restrictive in his arms, so he gets very cross that he can’t move them and touch his toys.

We ended up buying “Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad” game from Smyths toys as according to Alexei he “always wanted one”:


We absolutely love playing board games as a family, as first of all: it teaches kids to share and to wait for their turn, and it gets them away from digital media, and it is something that everyone can do regardless of age and enjoy.

We also bought snowsuits, yeap… two of them… (lol), both of them in M&S. We got bigger sizes than he is now in hopes that it will last till next winter. One of the snowsuits is quite light and packs away in a small bag, and should be perfect for this coming spring holiday in Poland, as I can anticipate it being quite cold there in March. We are planning on spending a couple of days in a forest, trekking and spending a lot of time outside, so I think it is going to get a lot of use.

red snowsuit

The second suit it much heavier and it is 2 sizes too big for Matthew, but is nice and warm, and as he is not running around yet can be put on for a bit of freedom, while staying warm.


Both of the snowsuits that we got do not have booties, which is a bit of a pain, as Matthew is a big baby, but cannot even crawl yet… Anyways, will probably end up putting layers of warm socks on him.

All weekend long, my hubby let me sleep through the night and minded Matthew when he woke up for feeds, etc. So I got two nights of solid sleep, which meant that when on the third night Matthew decided to stay awake from 12.30 am to 03.30 am I was ok next day even though I only got 3 hours that night.

On Sunday, my hubby organized a surprise party for me and invited all his family to a dinner. Of course, I guessed that something was going on as he asked if I would do ‘my magic’ on the house, as an excuse he said that he wants it to be clean for my actual Birthday and so that I can just relax. Lol 🙂 The only time I do my ‘magic cleaning’ is if we have guests coming. Still, it was lovely to see everyone and I enjoyed the meal.

For my Birthday we bought Romantica ice cream cake (my favorite) and of course at one point at dinner, my hubby went to put on candles… I didn’t know that that was what he was doing, and next thing I know he runs out of the house. I honestly thought something happened. But it turned out that probably while being in store someone took the box out and ice cream melted, and then it was re-frozen, so it now looked like a pancake 😛 So he ran to get another cake:)

On Monday, I was back in work, but the celebrations continued… My colleagues organized a mini-Birthday party for me with cake and snacks, and one of my friends made handmade oreo cookie fudge chocolates (so so delicious).

When I got home, we had a pizza party and kids gave me their present, which was very sweet as Alexei picked it out himself, a little charm for my Pandora bracelet with three flowers. He explained that “the big flower is daddy, the sparkly one is me, and the smallest is Matthew” 😛 Then, they brought out another cake out and sang happy Birthday together with Alexei singing very loudly and not being shy at all (he usually is) 🙂 So it was absolutely adorable:)

So in summary, I can say that Birthday is a great occasion to be reminded just how many people actually love and care for you and that I think that I am caked out for at least another month ;P

Hope everyone is having a great day:)

“Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad” Game (

Red snowsuit:,en_IE,pd.html?extid=ps_ggl_IE_PLA&ef_id=Wky70AAAAJzOTg8g:20180116145601:s

Letter snowsuit:,en_IE,pd.html?extid=ps_ggl_IE_PLA&ef_id=Wky70AAAAJzOTg8g:20180116145846:s

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