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January Recap…

Hi friends,

Last month brought mixed emotions throughout.

We met it as a family with my parents and my sister and it was a lovely celebration saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new. However, it was marred by the knowledge that I had to go back to work and leave my little rascals to be minded by someone else.

Even though I thought that Matthew would be the one that would take it the hardest, but it was actually Alexei. He is still asking for me to stay at home and cannot comprehend why I need to work if daddy works ;P

During January, both of us, my hubby and I, are having our Birthday celebrations and this year I was pleasantly surprised that my hubby organised a party for me and that all of those closest to me contacted me to say ‘Happy Birthday’.

This month is also the month that I decided to follow my heart and try and achieve something that I dreamed of as a child, but could not do once we moved abroad. I am going to pursue my dream of becoming a writer and continue blogging and write a children’s book:)

This is the month as well that we paid a deposit on our house and we cannot wait to start upgrading everything.

However, this month has been marked by all of us getting sick. We started off with a bad cough and now at this moment, both kids are sick. Matthew has a very bad cough (but no temperature) and Alexei for the 3 night in the row is throwing up and cannot really stomach anything. According to our GP, Matthew will be fine with just Neurofen and Alexei might have this bug for around a week. All of us are feeling drained as well, which does not help matters.

On a good side, I am settling into the work-home routine. I find myself being more organised and striving to follow my dreams such as blogging. I started a BUJO to keep track of my progress and to make sure that I achieve all the goals for this year.

Am I glad saying goodbye to January – Yes for definite. Hopefully, February will be filled with good memories, happiness and health.



Photo was taken and property of Babybluerascal



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