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4-year update :)

Hi Friends,

As I have started doing a monthly update for Matthew and I never did one for Alexei, I thought it would only be fair to do one for him too.

Alexei is 4 and a half years old. He is a very tall and sturdy little man. He is in clothes 5-6 years old and they fit him just right. He loves running, playing and swimming and is always ready to go for a walk.


Photo taken by and property of babybluerascals

At the moment, he is really into superheroes and we are constantly playing them ‘in real life’.

He is a very sweet and affectionate little guy and loves his little brother. If Matthew is upset, he will make noises at him to make him smile. And if Matthew is not smiling, then Alexei might get a bit upset as he loves making him happy. I hope that their bond will stay true even when they are older.

He loves bedtime stories and will ask for 2-3 per night, so I decided to sign him up for a library as the cost of books was a bit high ;P Still, he loves getting books as presents. He is trying to learn how to read at the moment as wants to be able to read as many as he can even if we say no to the 5th book of the night 😀

He loves playing computer games, especially Batman and Minecraft on x-box, but if he had a choice of playing a board game or x-box with us would choose board game.

He loves drawing and painting and is getting quite good at drawing objects while looking at them.

He has a very contagious belly laugh and even those that do not know him start laughing. He is a bit of a funny character in his playschool, and I have an anticipation that he will be one in big boy school as well.

He is a little gentleman nonetheless. He tells us that he wants to buy flowers for every woman that has a birthday, be that me or his aunties.  He is also a bit of a gentle soul, he gets quite upset if anyone that he really likes gives out to him and so we are working on his understanding that even if a person is giving out, it is to teach him the right from wrong, not to make him feel bad.

I am hoping that he will always stay like he is character-wise and wouldn’t change him for the world. Love him to bits.

Hope you are all having a great day everyone.


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