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Finding myself again…

Hi Friends,

There is a lot of negativity that surrounds us on daily basis. People that try to put us down, to mold us into a person that follows their needs, not our own. It’s a bit like walking on a rope and any step other than the rope could have severe consequences.


Photo taken by and property of babybluerascal.

At some point in our lives, a breaking point, we stop asking ourselves what exactly do we want and start looking around and asking what would make fewer ripples, what do we need to do to please everybody.

But think about it, when you are born, you know exactly what you want and you get it. You need to be fed, changed or to go to sleep you let your parents know and you get it. However, when you become older people start telling you ‘don’t do that, you are not good at that so don’t even try, you are lazy, etc. ‘

If we are not careful, we stop following our dreams. 

I only just recently realised that I was trying too hard to please everyone and was working to get results so that the boss is happy, doing anything that was asked so that people in my workplace would like me. Because I kept trying to please everyone, in the end, I ended up tired with no clear goal in my head. The only place that I could be myself was at home with my kids and hubby.

However, all of this changed since I started this blog and started listening to motivational audio books on the way to work. I realised that however much you do for people they will take it for granted and ask for more. They don’t care about me, instead focusing on their own lives.

I am a bit of a black sheep in the workplace, as I am the only one with small kids and cannot go out and have drinks and go to night-clubs. Because of this, people do not understand me and don’t really want to talk to me. But that is ok as science is one job where you can get lost in your experiments for hours and not have to talk to anyone.

Since starting this blog, I stopped caring what other people thought of me or said about me and today was a turning point where I realised just how much I improved in my reactions to what others thought about me.

Today I found out about something that happened before I went on maternity leave, something was said about me that I will not repeat here and was overheard. Well, today for the first time in my life, instead of being upset about it I said: “Well, it is her opinion, but I am here to work and to progress, in order to reach my goals”. The thing that was said, was said in front of 4 of my colleagues, but it just demonstrated how immature and unprofessional that person is.

Don’t get me wrong, I like all of my colleagues and can see their youth and ambition and can admire it, but what they do not realise though is that I might not mold to their standards, but I am following my path. Because of my past experiences, I have a much more diverse knowledge than they do. This does not make me better, just more experienced and perhaps someday they will look and ask themselves, why did I not talk to her?

For now, I am content looking forward to my future, focusing on what I want to achieve and enjoying my life as a mummy to two gorgeous boys.

Hope you all had a lovely day.



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  1. I absolutely love your writing style! I can related to a lot of this so thank you for sharing. It takes a lot of courage to let go of the negatives and focus on building yourself. You’re doing a great job! (:

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  2. Love this post and it is so true. I was exactly the same before where i would just do everything that people wanted me to do just to please them and for them to be happy. The last year I decided it was enough and it was time for me to do things that pleased me and not others because like you said those people doesn’t know when to stop they will always want more and more and they don’t care about you, they only care about what will benefit them at the end!


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