We bought a house!

Hi Friends,

It’s been a very busy week, both at home and at work. My hubby was working non-stop for over a week, which meant that I had to make sure that kiddies were taken care of and bring and pick them up from childminder after work.

All of us were exhausted and tempers flared, but two days of rest got us back to normal happy selves 🙂 We do agree however that we need a holiday, which is happening at Easter, so cannot wait.

On a good note, in the last week, we finally bought a house that we are renting! We started the process last September so were very happy to receive the news that it is finally ours. Do I love the house we are in? No. Do I see the potential in it? Absolutely.

The house was built in the 1970s and is pretty outdated, but it is very spacious with four bedrooms, dining room, living room, kitchen and an extension (needs to be knocked down). Even though there is a lot of work to be done, we know what we want to do and will take it one step at a time to make sure it is done properly.

My hubby, of course, is adamant that he will do most of the work, but knowing how busy he already is, I hope I can convince him to get someone else to do the work ;P I wish I could just snap my fingers and all the work to be done, but we have to realistic that it will take time and effort and I am hoping that by next winter some of the major things that need to be addressed such as electrics and insulation will be done

It is so exciting to even think that we finally have our own home that our kids will grow up in and I cannot wait to start decorating it to my liking 🙂

What about yourselves? Did anyone here buy an outdated house and fixed it up? Would you do most of the work yourself or get someone else to do it for you?

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  1. Congratulations, that’s great! Sounds like you’ll have a lovely family home. We bought a doer-upper. We did the decorating ourselves but paid for the bigger jobs – neither of us is any good at that sort of thing and with us both working and having a family to look after we found it a lot less stressful getting someone in to do the work. Good luck x

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