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Matthew is 8-months old!

Hi Friends,

My little man turned 8 months!!! Time flies and I cannot believe that he is so big already. Reading my post from when he turned 7 months old a lot has changed:)

He is over his sickness spell, which lasted about a month (coughing without temperature). He is definitely much more aware of his surroundings and is learning at a lightning speed.

His diet has improved drastically, he no longer turns his nose at any dishes that do not contain sweet potato. The peas are still a no go as he doesn’t like the taste, but will keep trying to give them as I know that eventually, he will love them. We also started giving him lumpier food. Today for breakfast he had Organix banana and plum porridge (7+ months, stage 2), which has softly chewable organic porridge with a mix of plum chunks, crispy oats, and banana. For lunch, he had a mix of mashed potato (quite lumpy) with a Mediterranean dish (Annabel Karmel recipe). He loved and devoured both. Today he is also starting his journey with finger foods and got some chopped bananas, which he managed to eat a couple and a biscuit which he ate.

Development-wise he is a very fast baby (literally). If you put him in one end of the room and sit in another he will make his way to you via rolling in about 2 minutes and proceed slap your leg with his little hand until you give him some attention. He is becoming quite vocal as well and you can find him talking to his toys, mostly ba-ba-ba-ba, but the intonation varies from soft to loud.

He still adores his older brother, who can always make him smile and wants to play with anything that Alexei is playing with.

He started playing peekaboo and is so cute with his little face hiding and then popping around whatever is obstructing the view to get a glance at you and then hide again:)

He is still a non-soother baby, in fact, we completely gave up trying to give him one. Yesterday, he discovered one in his toys box and considered it as such, a toy to play with. He still loves blankies and cannot sleep without one, although his fascination with the hare blanket is gone and he will take any that is available.

He is now completely in 12-18 clothing and most of it fits him snuggly, I have the next size on the standby as I do not anticipate him staying in this size much longer.

This month was also the first month that he experienced snow and even though he liked it, he didn’t like the piercing chilly wind that came with it.

He is becoming much more involved with his toys as well. Today we were playing with a train with letter blocks and he had great fun taking the blocks out of their compartments and trying to put them back in.

He likes to sit up, but if you leave his side goes immediately on his side and then his tummy. Mostly, he spends his time on his tummy and is not trying to push with his legs and putting his knees under him.

Finally, all I can say is that he is my little ray of sunshine and brightens up my days with his lovely smile any time he catches your eye:)

Hope you all had a wonderful day today:)


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