St. Patrick’s Weekend

Hi Friends,

How are you doing? Hope everyone is doing good:)

Today is a Bank holiday in Ireland, which is Monday after St. Patrick’s weekend, which means I get to stay at home with my boys and enjoy my long weekend break.

St. Patrick’s Day was a nice day, which started with a swimming lesson for Alexei (to replace the one cancelled during Beast from the East snow period), then was followed by a parade in our hometown.

St.Patrick's parade

Picture taken by and property of Babybluerascals

The parade was very small this year, probably because the temperatures dropped and it felt like minus temperatures combined with a chilly wind/snow. I honestly cannot remember Ireland having such a cold weather in the middle of March before. We were going to go and enjoy the festivities in town but instead decided to head home, have some hot chocolate to warm up and watch tv. Matthew just recovered from bronchitis and Alexei’s cough went away and I am still recovering from having flu, so it was nice to just relax and keep warm.

Alexei didn’t get to make any crafts in his playschool for St. Patrick’s this year either as his teacher was sick for most of the week, so he was not as excited about the day as he was last year. My hubby was working nights all through this weekend, and as he is the most Irish of all of us, it just wasn’t the same.

The only great thing about 17th of March was Irish rugby team beating English team! That was the most exciting time of the day and thoroughly enjoyed by all of us, even Matthew seemed excited (or it could have been the prospect of chewing those flags:)).


Come on Boys in Green!!! Your biggest supporter is here!!! (Photo taken by and property of Babybluerascals)

The next day, we decided to have a pyjama day, it was snowing outside and was bitterly cold. So instead Alexei and I, made pizzas on the pre-bought pizza bases. Here is a look at what they were like just before being cooked. Guess which one is Alexei’s and which one is mine ;D


Today, once my hubby wakes up we are getting out and going for a walk as the sun is shining and it seems to get warmer:)

I love being with my kids more than 2 days per week. I feel like Matthew really starts opening up and progresses much more when I am around. He is smiling more, he started to get prepared to crawl as well by getting into a crawl position and rocking to and fro (hasn’t figured out how to coordinate his arms and knees yet so looks super cute:))

Tomorrow, I am back at work, but at least I am going to meet my dad in Dublin as he is coming for a couple of days to be an examiner for a PhD viva. So will be distracted from missing my kiddies too much:)


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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