Easter holidays to Poland – Day 6

Hi Friends,

This day began with a realisation that we were starting to run low on baby milk and we still had a couple of days to go. We had enough to maybe last us till that night, but as the shops were to be closed till Tuesday we made plans to see if some pharmacy might be open or it might be sold at a petrol station.

There was no breakfast in the Aparthotel this morning as it was Easter Monday, so we made our own and after a little deliberation decided to take a walk to a big park nearby (Park Szchesllwiki). Knowing Poland we were sure that it would have some playground for Alexei to enjoy.

It took us approximately 20 minutes to get there, but it was well worth it. We were enjoying it so much that we didn’t even take a lot of photos. There were plenty of playgrounds for all ages, an outside swimming pool for summer months, a nice walk along the river, a skiing mountain that had snow on it and people were enjoying, a cafe and a little cake shop that was actually open and we enjoyed tasting pastries in after our long walk.


After that we made our way to the Aparthotel, we took a different route which showed us a mix of old Warsaw, with wooden houses and a newly built Apartments towering over them. The area where we stayed had a lot of construction going on around it, and even though it was very quiet in the apartment itself, it was quite noisy around us.

On our way back we tried to find the formula, but alas there was none. The only places that were open were off-licence, which sold alcohol and petrol, which sold petrol, alcohol and cigarettes. Fortunately, and for some unknown reason Matthew decided not to want a lot of milk, so we were able to stretch it out until next morning.

Upon our return to Aparthotel, Alexei enjoyed their playground:



Then we finished our day by making dinner, enjoying being together with my sister and her boyfriend, watched a movie and made plans for next day to go to the old town and shopping the massive shopping centre Arkadia.

I hope you all had a lovely day:)


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