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Trip to Wild Lights at Dublin Zoo

Hi Friends,

Last year Dublin Zoo in Ireland debuted Wild Lights experience for the very first time. Wild Lights are different figures made up of giant silk lanterns in shapes of plants, animals, sea life, etc. 

We went last year but Matthew was too small to really see and understand it so he slept all through it, but this year was so much different. 

My mother in law decided to make is a family affair and bought tickets for all of us to get together. It was a magical experience. Kids were in awe from all of the lights and figurines and Chinese performers and Asian craft market. Matthew ended up running all around the zoo from lantern to lantern and enjoyed escaping from me while he was at it ;P

Here is a taster of what it was like. 

Wild Lights at Dublin zoo 

You would most likely spend around 2 hours there and will enjoy every minute of it:) If you are getting cold, there are hot drinks with pastries sold everywhere and for us, hot chocolate was just what we needed in this cold temperature. If you get hungry there are also places to order hot food:) 

If you have never visited Wild Lights before I would definitely recommend it. 

Hope you all have a lovely day 🙂

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