Christmas and New Year traditions

My favorite day of the year – 3 Days to Christmas:)

Hi Friends,

Yesterday was the first day off work for Christmas break:) It is my favourite day of the year as I know that I have a long time ahead to spend with my kids and not have to think about work. Also anticipation is building for Santa coming to our house and there is a lot of excitement in the air.

We took it easy… Mostly we spent the day at home, with me catching up on some chores and kids having a PJ day. We did pop out to the shops to pick up last minute essentials for Christmas table, but other than that it was pretty relaxing day.

We watched Home Alone 2 movie and while Matthew was asleep Alexei and I did some crafts and colored a picture together. Of course, Alexei had to make a game of it and we had to roll the dice and whatever number came up that was the number of parts we were allowed to color 🙂

And as for crafts, we decided to do one of the Toucan boxes that Alexei gets in the post every two weeks. I subscribed to that around a year ago and he is really enjoying making different things. The box is personalized with Alexei’s name and contains everything you might need to make something. It’s a nice way to spend one on one time with Alexei and he always loves to find out what we get to make next.

This time it was a Christmas one and we got to make a Christmas wreath with Alexei’s initials. It was quite easy to do and Alexei was able to do it all by himself.

I also git Alexei some Christmas activity book and he was enjoying solving the riddles, drawing pictures and making cards for grandma and grandad.

This past month has been quite good for us with both kids trying to be kind. Matthew is still a bit too young to understand what is good or bad but as for Alexei we used a naughty or nice chart and it worked a treat. This month we were working on being kind to other people and using kind words.

As you can see he only has a couple of days that he wasn’t being nice and so Santa is most probably going to bring him what he has asked for 🙂

I hope you have a wonderful day:)

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