Ended up in Hospital?

Hi Friends,

So as you have guessed from the title we ended up in a hospital with Matthew. This happened couple of weeks ago and at the time I just couldn’t bring myself to approaching any kind of electronics as I was so worried about my little man.

As a mum of two normally healthy boys, this was an extremely scary experience and if it would not have been for someone in my hubby’s work it could have ended up in an unthinkable.

So it all started with Matthew having a headcold like he gets when he is teething, nothing out of extraordinary. We first had a slight temperature with runny nose, the temperature only spiked once and was normal after the medication and for the rest of the day.

I brought him over to his grandparents, who minded both boys that day while I was in work. He was doing fine, but started coughing really deeply. So they went to pharmacist and got some cough syrup for his throat and neurofen in case he runs a temperature.

When I got home I could see that he wasn’t right. That there was something off. His cough was very struggled but I just said to myself I will have to call the doc in the morning and make an appointment.

I put him to bed as normal and then it all started. He would not sleep, initially, he was coughing but eventually, he started making wheezy sounds while breathing and his head would move with his breathing as if he was struggling to take in a full breath. By 6 am we were both absolutely exhausted and I knew that he would either need a doc on call or a hospital visit as what was going on was not a normal chest infection.

I took a couple of videos to send to my hubby (he was working nights) and asked him what did he think we should do. The reply was: “The Ambulance is on its way.” He showed the video to a paramedic who was working with him that night and he said that it was absolutely an emergency and to get him to a hospital asap.

Here are the two videos that I sent to him. I decided to put them out here so that parents are aware of what this looks like. As I said this all developed in less than 24 hours, going from a runny nose to cough to this.

Matthews syptoms of viral induced chest infection

The ambulance arrived quite fast, within 5 minutes and we were quickly brought to a hospital. Thereafter a number of tests and a number of nebulizers, oxygen and iv fluids we were told that it was Viral Induced Chest Infection and that because of this he might have Asthma for life!

No one in my family suffers from asthma and so I really hope that this was just once off as they cannot diagnose asthma in kids under 5 years of age.

We had to stay in the hospital overnight as his breathing was still labored by evening time and they wanted to keep giving him oxygen and steroids.

Next day he was back to himself, racing around in a car, but still having to have steroids to keep from breathing hard. We were given ventolin in an elephant dose of 6 puffs every four hours and an asthma relief medication for an future episodes and were allowed to go home once we could show that we could administer them.

This trully was one of the scariest moments of my life as it all came on so suddenly. I felt terrible for not getting a doc on call earlier.. 😦

But in the end I am glad that everything ended up well:) I hope this post will help other mamas who are facing the same symptoms to get help asap!

Hope you all have a lovely day.

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