Matthew is 2 years old !

Hi Friends,

I still cannot believe that my baby boy is no longer a baby but a 2 year old toddler !

He is growing up into such a cheeky lovable little man, who is always up for mischief and a smile.

He is a very independent child in that he will play on his own and won’t need for you to find something to occupy him with but he also loves being near you. So normally he will find something to play with in a room that you are in.

He is like a little hurricane, wherever he goes mass destruction happens. Be that toy baskets or kitchen cupboards emptied or his water spilled all over the floor. But at the same time if you ask him to pick stuff up or wipe the water up he will do it.

His birthday celebrations started on Friday (his actual birthday) with our childminder and then my sister flew over for the weekend that evening. On Saturday we had a party for him in our house with our family and his cousins which he loved. He wasn’t too fond of candles though and seemed mesmerized by them and refused to blow on them 🤣 I do not think he liked the movement of fire.

On Sunday we decided to do a bit of exploring and visited two new places Loch Lene and Fore Abbey. It was absolutely breathtaking and we definitely be coming back, but with a buggy as little legs got tired and we had to cut our trip short .

It’s was such a lovely weekend with all of our family surrounding us with love that weekend seemed to stretch out much longer than it was.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend yourselves.

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