Christmas and New Year traditions

2 Days to Christmas!

Only 2 days let till Christmas. Alexei is sooo excited… All I can hear nowadays is that Santa is going to bring a robot that is so massive that it is going to be need  to be brought outside 😀

I thought I would use this blog to talk a bit about our family’s traditions for this season. My side of the family comes from Belarus, we moved abroad when I was 13 years old, however because of that we never really celebrated the catholic Christmas. In Belarus, we mainly celebrate New Years, and instead of Santa Claus we have Grandfather Frost and his granddaughter who bring presents.

So, for that reason it is very convenient. We celebrate the catholic Christmas with my hubby’s family. On Christmas Day, we meet in one of our house and have a family meal.

Each side of the family cooks one thing. For example, this year we are doing starter, my mother-in-law and father-in-law are doing main, while my sister-in-law’s family are doing dessert. It makes it less work for everyone and it is always a surprise to what we are going to eat. This year, we are all doing a slimming world diet and so we decided that our whole Christmas dinner will be based on Slimming World recipes. We are doing a coronation prawn and mango cocktail.

Then, we also exchange gifts. We do Chris kindle for the adults, limiting the upper limit to 50 Euro, and for kids we buy mostly clothes ,as Santa brings the toys.

Then after the Christmas Day, we either go to Spain to my parents house, or they come here, and we celebrate New Year together. Grandfather Frost comes during that night. It does not mean that they get double the presents just that we divide the presents between the two nights. This gives Alexei time to play with his first set of toys for a week and then he can play with more toys after the New Year, it also breaks up his school holidays.

We stay up as long as it takes to meet all of the New Years in all of the countries that we live in, and exchange the presents. We cook a traditional New Year dinner like we used to in Belarus. Lots of different cold meats, meat salad, peppers filled with cheese/mayo and garlic, beetroot salad, etc for starter; Duck with veggies for main, and some dessert that varies from year to year, but we usually love Romantica ice-cream cake.

So during this festive season, the kids get a chance to see all of their close relatives and both sides of the family are happy to see us.

Tomorrow, Alexei will get a small Christmas box with sweets, a Christmas activity pack and a Christmas bottle to use for his milk and other drinks during Christmas dinner 🙂

I hope you all enjoy your Christmas 🙂

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