Christmas and New Year traditions

1 Day to Christmas – what we put in my sons Christmas Eve Boxes

Only 1 Day till Santa is here !!!

In our household it is a day of waiting, which let’s face the truth 4-year olds just cannot do ;P So to make it easier to pass the time till night-time we decided to do couple of things for Alexei.

First of all, Alexei finished opening his Advent calendars. He got two, one from grandma with chocolates (paw patrol) and Play tive junior (Lidl) with play doh from us.

At this moment in time he is busy playing with his play doh making surprise dinner for me and bringing it for me to eat.

Secondly, we prepared a small Christmas Eve box for him to get him excited for Christmas:) His box contained glow sticks, kinder surprise, a Christmas drinking bottle, and activity pack containing stickers, a Christmas scene book for stickers, coloring book, doodles book and puzzles book.

Thirdly, we made gingerbread cookies for Alexei to decorate and put on the plate that he made in school for Santa:) For a drink Santa had Guinness and Reindeer had carrots for  a snack.


We hope you all have a lovely Christmas Eve and Day.

Merry Christmas to all:)


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