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Happy weekend:)

Hi Friends,

Hope you had a lovely weekend:)  Ours was busy…but very happy one. Daddy is working night shifts so I am home alone with boys.

Saturday I was awoken by Alexei giving me kisses to wake me up:) That set the mood for the day:)

Saturday is a day for Alexei’s swimming practice and we made it there just on time. Matthew always gets so excited seeing all the water and that day was no exception. The water must have been very cold though as all the kids were asking to be covered up after swimming. Plus, men’s showers were freezing so we ended up having a shower at home.

After swimming Alexei got a haircut. For the first time in his life, he had half of the head done with clippers and he was very brave and grown-up about it. After the haircut he said that he looked cool and thanked the lady, in turn, he got a lollipop which made him very happy:)

After that, I treated him to a Supermacs kids meal which usually comes with a toy. Initially, they gave him a hello kitty toothbrush, which left him a bit perplexed… then seeing motorized toys that other boys were getting he asked to change his as he was “not a girl”. After getting a motorized dinosaur he was happy.

We finished our outing with some grocery shopping and Alexei was a little angel, helping me push Matthew all around the store so that I could push a trolley. Matthew was delighted and eventually even fell asleep.

Then we hurried home to make sure that we were there when daddy woke up. For the rest of the evening, we spent playing games and enjoying each other’s company.

On Sunday we had a what we love to call a pyjama day:) Alexei loves these as he knows that we are going to stay at home and play. Today we watched a movie ‘In Pursuit of Happyness’ and Alexei for the first time ever actually paid attention and was full of questions. He said that he didn’t like it as mama and daddy were fighting and then mama let. He got quite upset, especially as he thought daddy was not home, until I told him that daddy was upstairs sleeping and what was on tv was a movie and not real. I think till now, he actually thought everything on tv was not real. I also had to explain that sometimes this happens in the family, but that parents will always love their kids no matter what.

My day was occupied keeping my kiddies happy and cleaning the house. After starting work it is becoming increasingly difficult keeping it clean and I am slowly but surely decluttering the house, to make sure that when I am cleaning, any room will not take longer than 10 minutes to tidy up.

Tomorrow I am back at work, but I am looking forward to it:) Boys are starting to get used to the routine and being looked after someone else so it is making it slightly easier for me.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.



Poulnabrone Dolmen, Burren National Park, Ireland (Photo taken by and property of Babybluerascals)



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